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When you arrange to have orthodontic work done at our facility, we can promise that you will receive the most professional treatment and that your issue will be handled by the most highly trained specialists in the area.

Modern Methods

Since our talented professionals keep abreast of all the latest discoveries and techniques, you can always count on benefiting from their current understanding and practice of the profession. The most modern tools and technologies are employed, to maximize your comfort and to minimize the time necessary for treatment.

Patient Updates

As a valued patient, we pledge to keep you fully updated on all procedures and progress of any undertaking with us. Full explanations will be provided, so you understand everything, and you’ll never have to wonder about what is happening with your oral health management.

The Real Value of an Expert Orthodontist Team.

There is a broad range of services included in orthodontist practice, and our office in Boonville offers virtually all these services to our loyal clients throughout the region. Contact us at your earliest opportunity to inquire about the wide array of services we provide, and how we can help you maintain good oral health.


Periodontal surgery

Your gums are a very important part of your overall oral health, providing support for all the teeth. A great many adults suffer from some kind of gum disease or deterioration, and need to have corrective measures taken so as to restore that needed support. We can help rejuvenate your gums and get you back on the road to good oral health.


Child and Adult Braces

There are a number of options you can choose from these days, so that you don’t have to endure bulky, metal braces for several years. After we examine you and determine what might work well in your circumstances, we’ll discuss whether you might be a goof fit for clear braces or Invisalign braces that are virtually undetectable.


Root Canal Procedures

No one looks forward to root canal procedures, but at our practice we’ve taken away the pain and discomfort associated with root canal procedures. When we perform this procedure on your inflamed or infected tooth, you can count on it being over and done with, with no recurring discomfort.

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Information for Boonville, Missouri

Boonville, city, seat (1818) of Cooper county, central Missouri, U.S. It lies along the Missouri River, 27 miles (43 km) west of Columbia. Settled in 1810 (by Kentuckians, among others) and named for Daniel Boone, Boonville was enlarged as a fort during the War of 1812 and became an important trading post on the river and the Santa Fe Trail. In the mid-19th century there was a large influx of German immigrants. During the American Civil War the first battle in the state was fought near Boonville, and the victory there by Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon's Union troops is credited with helping to establish Union control over the state. Thespian Hall (1855 - 57), considered the oldest working theatre west of the Alleghenies, was used during the war as a supply depot, barracks, and hospital. Boonville is now an agricultural trade centre. Manufactures include modular homes and heating and cooling components. Four Hopewell Indian burial mounds dating from 100bceto 500ceare preserved within Harley Park, located on the river bluffs. Arrow Rock and Boone's Lick state historic sites are nearby. The Big Muddy Folk Festival and the Missouri River Festival of the Arts are annual events. Inc. village, 1839; city, 1896. Pop. (2000) 8, 202; (2010) 8, 319.

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Orthodontic movement for the general dentist
For many of us, our orthodontic training consists of a few dental school wire-bending classes, the fabrication of a space maintainer, and a few articles that we have read about clear aligners or rapid movement-type braces. The proposition of learning and proceeding with tooth movement in the general dentistry office generally holds as much strength as a New Year resolution. We are definitely going to try it ... soon ... when we have time ... maybe later ... what was I thinking?
Orthodontic movement does not need to be so daunting. There are amazing advances in tooth movement, from simple to more complex, that can change the way you practice dentistry.
Think about all the times you have had a patient come in for a cosmetic consultation - a patient who needs movement but doesn't want braces? The bonding or veneer work may not even be possible to achieve what the patient is looking for due to extreme malposition. We have been trained to do no harm, and that can make what the patient wants to achieve, without the aid of repositioning, difficult if not impossible.
The Hawley appliance
When cosmetics warrant movement of incisors only, minor movement can be done quickly and easily with a Hawley appliance. The fabrication of the appliance can be done by your local orthodontic lab. The appliance can help move a labial or lingually shifted tooth into proper position, or turn rotated teeth back into place.
All you need to start, after radiographs and photos, is a double set of alginates with bite registration - one set for the lab and one set to keep as a records start model. The design of the appliance can also be done by your lab. If you can properly communicate the desired teeth and movements required, a good lab can create an appliance suited to those movements. Talk to your lab about which areas to tighten, screw down, or activate, and the lab can explain how to effectively get the movement you desire.
Major tooth movement
Short-term braces
This procedure is an excellent therapy to utilize when the patient requires rapid tooth movement for cosmetics and does not wish to change molar occlusion. The treatment allows patients to have the effectiveness of braces without feeling like they have braces.

Four- to eight-month rapid cosmetic orthodontic treatment combines the best of traditional orthodontics with modern esthetically appealing treatments. As the names suggest, Six Month Smiles can transform your teeth in an average of about six months. The treatments use traditional wires and brackets that are tooth-colored for a less noticeable look. The patient is seen once per month for adjustments, photos, and wire changes.
The training required is a two-day training seminar. Training includes hardware placement, case selection, debanding and retention, proper photography and documentation, and use of 24-hour customer support. There are also advanced training classes available. You are guided through the process with the ability to ask for advice on your case, and tips and tricks from highly trained staff and practitioners.

Clear aligner therapy
A cosmetic alternative to traditional braces, the aligners are removable and can provide major movement of the full arch, including molars. Aligner orthodontic treatment realigns the teeth through a series of clear, custom-made retainers. Each retainer, or aligner, is created using impressions taken of your teeth for a perfect fit. Aligners can be removed while eating and brushing for added comfort and ease of practicing proper oral hygiene. The duration of treatment depends on individual needs, but in general, may take between 12 and 48 months.

Aligner therapy, specifically Invisalign, requires a one-day training course for the dentist and additional staff training. You will learn proper impression technique, case selection, retention, use of software, aspects of in-office aligner therapy procedures, and how to access customer support.
This is a procedure that can be learned in one day! There are additional advanced training technique courses, but you can start treating patients immediately. There is excellent support to help you along with case planning and treatment to guide you into your new orthodontic transition. There are also newer treatments for teens and rapid movement aligner therapy.
The benefits of teeth straightening treatments
Teeth straightening treatments can transform how you perform dentistry. Once you are able to align teeth in a minor or even major fashion, the possibilities of great cosmetic dentistry are endless. Not only will you be able to better provide your patients with the best care possible, you can help your patients to improve:
Confidence - Many patients feel an increased confidence after teeth straightening treatment.
Esthetics - Teeth straightening treatments lead to improved dental esthetics.
Dental function - Misaligned teeth can make eating difficult and even painful. Teeth straightening treatments can improve dental function by improving dental alignment.
Dental hygiene - Crooked teeth can make properly cleaning teeth difficult. Teeth straightening treatments corrects overlapping teeth, allowing for easier cleaning.

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